Cherry Blossoms Are Signs of Spring, Hope in Washington

Washington’s famous cherry trees, gifts from Japan more than a century ago, continue to announce the arrival of spring with vibrant colors.

They also inspired a festival that draws more than 1 million visitors to the District of Columbia every year. This year’s festival will end its 24-day run on Sunday — and the blossoms are to reach their peak bloom this weekend.

Ann McClellan, author of “Cherry Blossoms: The Official Book of the National Cherry Blossom Festival,” said the blossoms are an inspiration.

“Everyone from anywhere can experience how beautiful they are and know that hope comes with them no matter how bad the winter is,” she more.

Having redecorated my office in a traditional/modern Japanese motife, with cherry blossoms and a planted cherry blossom tree outside the window, the book just adds to the office and provides a history of the cherry blossom as it pertains to Japan.

Robert Kozlowski