News for the New Year!

by | Dec 30, 2021

Several authors interested in French history before 1899 “met” at the 2021 Historic Novel Conference. We decided to collaborate to encourage more interest in historic French people and places. Our first effort is a Facebook page: FrancesSplendidCenturies, where we will take turns posting every Friday. The page goes live tomorrow, December 31, 2021, at noon. Check it out!
Since you’re here already, here is what say about my own interests in France:
Sixteenth-century France has fascinated me since my first visit to the Loire Valley in the 1980s when I was awed by Chambord and wondered, “Who built this?” Answering that question led me to discover the story of Anne de Pisseleu, the often-vilified last official mistress of François 1er who paid dearly for her loyalty to her country and her king. I look forward to the day when my current novel-in-progress about her will join my published non-fiction works on Japanese cherry blossoms and bonsai.
Enjoy the new Facebook page!