June already? Where did May go?

by | Jun 18, 2015

Well, all I can tell you is that May for me disappeared into a whirlwind of travel, including a fabulous trip to Turkey where I saw Kwanzan cherry trees blooming in Istanbul, Konya and Ankara! I was incredulous, as you might be as you read this, but the photo is proof. It was taken on May 1 of this year in Istanbul. It was thrilling to find cherry blossoms there, on top of all the other wonderful experiences that await any visitor to Turkey. I highly recommend Turkey as a travel destination.
I also was in New York City briefly for BookExpo — stay tuned for further developments regarding my various publishing projects, currently still under wraps.
Next week there will be a planning meeting for the 2016 National Cherry Blossom Festival. Very excited about that since 2016 will also be the centennial celebration of the National Park Service! Watch this space for more information as it’s available.
Happy summer!